FARRAH ALI LLC was established in 2020 in the sunny state of Florida. Farrah confesses that she loves very luxurious things but does not feel nearly as excited about spending loads of money on them. She has always had a love for wearing scrunchies but could never find the perfect blend of glamor and function all in one pair. After months of searching for that perfect scrunchy she decided that she was just going to make some of her own. After a couple weeks of wearing these scrunchies she would have lots of people asking about them. That's when she decided to launch her own line of hair accessories which also included headbands. She admits that as a busy mom of two little boys it's her go to accessory especially for those bad hair days. 

She has devoted a lot of time towards selecting, testing and styling the pieces in her collection and has always insisted on keeping the price affordable without ever compromising on quality. All items are handcrafted in Florida. 

FARRAH ALI’s hair accessories are sold online only at www.farrahali.com