FARRAH ALI LLC was established in 2020 in the sunny state of Florida. Farrah Ali’s fashion and jewelry aesthetic can be described as unique, exquisite, classic and timeless. She has confessed that adding items to her closet, especially jewelry has always been a difficult and sometimes time consuming experience.   

In recent times, locating quality jewelry that met her design and style requirements were often difficult to find and if she did, it almost always came at a hefty price. After months of searching for pieces that were timeless she wondered if other women were experiencing the same problem. That’s when FARRAH ALI LLC the jewelry company was born. 

She has devoted a lot of time towards selecting, testing and styling the pieces in her jewelry collection and she has always insisted on keeping the price affordable without ever compromising on quality.

As a mother of two little boys, she reveals to having limited time to get dressed. Hence, she has selected pieces that are quite versatile and can be easily dressed up or worn on a casual day out, saving a lot of time when it comes to coordinating jewelry with any outfit. At no point is quality ever compromised because these pieces are meant to survive, withstand and outshine all the latest jewelry trends now and in the future once you adhere to the care instructions.

FARRAH ALI’s jewelry is sold online only at www.farrahali.com